[WT10341] Welcome To White's Ward

女優:Angela White

使用 25點 購買後 2 天內無限觀看

  • 影片代碼:WT10341
  • 片長:134 分鐘
  • 上架日:2023-03-19

Get an intimate hands on experience as the seductive Angela White analyzes, examines, and relieves all your stresses with a front row seat to ASMR and JOI. Angela places you at the center of a three part series documenting your sexual recovery from all those pesky inhibitions. A professional and tentalizing eager therapist will gladly listen to your problems. Patiently smile, bite her lip and encourage you to explain further while straining her big natural tits against her top. Open up and maybe you too can be admitted to White's Ward.



您可以設定時間軸與 4 個透明按鈕 (僅呈現邊框顏色),預設的功能如下

  • 1 紅 : 暫停影片離開全螢幕
  • 2 黃 : 倒退 10 秒,雙擊倒退 30 秒
  • 3 黃 : 快轉 10 秒,雙擊快轉 30 秒
  • 4 藍 : 停止,雙擊播放 (避免危急時刻誤觸播放 XD)